My name is Jef

I'm not just a random web-developer, slapping together a Wordpress website and calling it a day.

The tech-world is advancing at full speed. My goal is to keep my customers up to standards in these ever-changing times. "What do you do?", you might ask. I think it'd be a better question for me to ask what I can do for you.

My skillset ranges from basic front-end web technology (HTML, CSS and Javascript) unto various backend systems with a huge focus on Node.js web applications and database integrations. I started my carreer out as a graphic designer, so making your work look good is one of my top priorities!

Building fully custom web-platforms and websites is one of my strong suits. Check out some of my recent work in the projects section to get a feel for what I can accomplish.

Things I like:
  • Front-end (designing)
  • Back-end (development)
  • Logo design
  • Tech stuff
  • Pugs & Coffee
Things I dislike:
  • Bugs
  • Unhappy customers
  • Creating lists

My official job title?

Full stack webdesigner with lots of love for graphical interfaces